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Ugly and annoying

A sight that is both all at once.

Once upon a time, my apartment complex was much bigger than it is now thanks to it being clipped to two buildings by a major highway relocation project and subsequent surface street changes.  A vacant plot of land was left behind once that other building had been torn down.

A resident living on the street behind my complex used to take his rider mower and keep this plot of land trim and presentable.   Then he began trimming only a part of it, leaving the rest to become overgrown with weeds, brush, and other wild plant life that falls dormant in the winter but starts anew in the spring and flourishes throughout the summer and fall.  About the only thing decorative about it is the footpath worn into it on one side and the power lines that stretch above it.

I suspect it got so overgrown because the Minnesota Department of Transportation told the guy with the rider mower to stop cutting it because they are the legal owners of this plot.  I wish they would keep it cut like that guy used to, because while I’ve grown used to the sight of all that wild vegetation looming outside my bedroom window, my allergies certainly hasn’t.  Quite the opposite!  Many a day and night, I have had to deal with frequent sneezes, itchy eyes, and clogged nostrils thanks to the pollen being pumped into the air from that hill.

An even more important annoyance is how the brush and weeds stretch almost to the curb of the street, which means you have to pull up quite a bit at the stop sign so you can see if anybody is coming from that direction when leaving. So there you have it.  Something that is both ugly and annoying all at once.