Naked Jogger Wins Court Case
Win for those that like a bit more wind gently caressing them as they jog.
Dec 8, 2012
Parodius Da!
A cute parody.
Dec 8, 2012
I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present
-and it was funny.
Dec 8, 2012
It's not writer's block.
It's a bloody mountain!
Dec 7, 2012
You're not a Jedi yet
So many guides, so much fail!
Dec 7, 2012
9/11 and 12/7: A fair comparison?
A Pearl Harbor remembrance day opinion piece
Dec 6, 2012
Always wanted short hair
But don’t have the right face for it.
Dec 6, 2012
Carving fence post from rock
Pioneer spirit
Dec 6, 2012
Breaking the rules
How do you subvert the dominant paradigm, even if only for a moment?
Dec 1, 2012
Physics experiment: Straw rocket racing
Use items around the house to create aerodynamic experiments!
Dec 1, 2012
Enemies are honest, friends can be worse foes...
If a friend hurts herself, she's hurting someone you love.
Nov 30, 2012
Early nights drive me crazy!
It's messing with my brain box.
Nov 30, 2012
Hobbit Nation
New Zealand needs to get out of the house more often.
Nov 30, 2012
Some thoughts on the ugly gift a severe thunderstorm can give.
Nov 29, 2012
Treating "nature bumps"
Ouestionable medical advice
Nov 28, 2012