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Cell phone use increases your risk of brain tumors

Try a 290 percent increase in just 10 years of usage.

Read that statistic again. Creepy, right? Downright terrifying, even. So why do we continue to use cell phones when we know the risk they present? I know they are super convenient—my cell phone was helpful to me four times today—but we did live without them every year of our homo sapien lives up until about a decade or two ago. And even in the beginning, it was really business folks and doctors who used them (or pagers or car phones) the most, not everyone.

Can’t we find another way to manufacture phones without the radiation? This damage is particularly harmful to children—and since we just switched from a home phone to cell phones in our house, I now worry about my daughter. She doesn’t make or take calls much just yet—she’s only seven, so she has a weekly call to grandma and that’s about it—but soon she’s going to want to, and I definitely don’t want her getting that radiation! We may have to switch back to a house phone by then.

Until then, here are a few tips to use that can help reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation—as well as more information about these latest findings.