Ugly Freebies

Ugly Freebies

Or, the junk folks stick out by the road

Burned out from digging through so many bad, ugly memories to write about for this blog, I was casting about for something less heavy-duty to write about in the “ugly” department yesterday … and found it in view of from where I sit and type day after day!

So look what I found outside my apartment complex this morning: a computer desk sitting by the road outside my apartment complex!   Last night I had seen it stashed behind the big green dumpster out back; today it has migrated out front with a piece of paper from a large white legal pad turned sideways taped to the table with “FREE” scrawled across it in black magic marker.

Over the past two decades, I’ve noticed that people set things out by the curb with a sign on them that says “free.”  Everything from chairs, to couches, to … well, you name it, has been set out by the road in my part of the Twin Cities on the theory, I suppose, that a passing motorist would see it, slam on the brakes, back up, pick it up, and take off.

What little ugly eyesores those “freebies” are, especially after getting rained on like the computer desk in question did the night before.   Damn did it look ugly and pathetic sitting out in plain view speckled with drops of water with its makeshift sign flapping in a gentle breeze  ...  I mean, there are places like Bridging or Goodwill* for this kind of stuff to, people!  

The grapevine says the driver of a passing pickup truck stopped and put it in to take away.

If you ask me, those “free” items folks dump at the curb would be better off being donated someplace, not getting turned into an eyesore we all have to deal with; and turning the curb into some kind of freebie yard sale.