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White T-Shirt Day is February 11th


Tomorrow, February 11th is nationally recognized as White T-shirt Day. What does this mean?

Wearing a white shirt on this day means you are honoring those men and women who were brave enough to fight for what should have been their given rights.

Today, though… most people have forgotten the original message this national holiday is meant to send. Most simply see it as an excuse to wear the ever popular white t-shirt. However, this is in fact a day to honor one of the original “occupy” movements. In 1937, members of the UAW union had a sit down strike at General Motors. This strike ended on February 11th, 1937.  To learn more, go here.

As stated on the UAW union’s website, there are a couple rules that should be followed if you intend to honor these brave individuals. Rule number one is a given (and has already been stated, for the matter). You must wear a white t-shirt or white blouse. Rule number two is that your white t-shirt or blouse must not get dirtier than your boss’s own shirt. Rule number three is that work and safety rules must still be followed.

February 11th falls on a Saturday this year, most of us won’t be working, so maybe when you’re out playing tomorrow, visiting friends and sipping wine and making merry, make an effort to wear a white t-shirt. Though… if you are working tomorrow, then (I suppose) grin and bear it and follow the UAW’s rules for White T-shirt Day.