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Full-scale Falcon

FINALLY, someone is living my dream.

Chis Lee is officially in my books the single most brilliant person on the face of the planet (though considering my outlook on the average population of the planet, that may not really be that much of a feat). However, he has won my favor for one reason alone. The magnificent SOB is building a full scale “Yes, he's doing both inside and outside” replica of everyone’s favorite pile of junk Corellian YT-1300: the Millennium Falcon.

So far Chris has only completed the cockpit command console and one of the turrets, but expects the project to take him the next 5 to 7 years to complete. The design they are going off of comes from the DK Ultimate Collection blueprints, which many turn to for most of their geeky need to know specs for SW based craft. 

I'm glad he's only expecting it to take five years or so, because he apparently has no clue I'm going to abduct him and have him create a full scale (and fully operational) imperial class Star Destroyer. I bet you thought I was going to say Death Star didn't you? 

Naaagh I learned my lesson about those. I have kids, the moment it's done, one of them will come and blow it up. And yes, for those who were curious, he is indeed married. Once more blowing out stereotypes. Now the true test comes with keeping that up while building the Falcon. That and keeping the Mynoks from chewing on the power couplings.