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Are you a bro?

"With all that screaming, does he get a lot of noise complaints?"
No really, are you. If so you know already about PewDiePie. Some may find his crazy screaming off putting, but I find it endearing. So many YouTube Let's Players (or LPers) are so serious, comical but never reacting in the way most of us would when faced with a scary situation. Well the lady LPers do, but supposedly it just isn't done for the guys.


And considering the LPs PewDiePie does are most horror games, you expect to see a scared reaction. But he lets loose damn what people think. He doesn’t try to be instructional or tries to hard to be funny, you can tell his reactions are not scripted and are what he would scream out if he was alone.
Now lets back up. A LP is generally a gamer, who plays a game blind, not knowing what's going to happen or what to do and with no guides. You are basically watching someone figure out the game. Now PewDiePie doesn’t just get lost, or scared, he simply tries to have fun. It also helps that he is extremely friendly to his viewers 'including them' in his play throughs. He hosts contests asking viewers to create a new theme song for him, sells merch, and because of his likeable personality has tones of fan art done in his image.
The one thing I wonder about him is this. He is shown living in a small high rise apartment with people above, below and to the side of him. With all that screaming, does he get a lot of noise complaints?