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Disney buys Lucasfilm

It's a good thing!

While I'm watching the webber net blow up after the announcement made this week that Walt Disney company (not Disney studios - big difference) was going to buy Lucasfilm. The panic is coming about dumbing it down, musicals, yadda yadda. And all I have to say is “really?”

Disney has had its finger in Star Wars for a time now. The time and effort they put into Star Tours when they opened it up in 1987- then did a major overhaul recently and released a new, bigger version. Not to mention they host a huge May 4th celebration for Star Wars. So was it really a shock? 

I know it's going to sound like a broken record at this point as well, but have half these ragers stopped to actually look at what the Walt Disney Company – the corporation- actually owns, and what the companies they own- own? Most likely not. Do it; you may be shocked. Last I checked, Marvel has not exactly tanked- nor has going the way of mouse ears and overly kid friendly.

I was actually reading a certain web slinging female hero's series not long ago: over the top violence, drug use, lesbian love, followed by random drunk love with some random guy, with more violence. Yes, Disney washes out everything. And let's be perfectly honest.

In the time George had more or less taken over as el presidente of all aspects of his work and surrounded himself with “yes men” Has he really really done the franchise that much good? Or any of his other films? Seriously stop and think on all of that before you let the knee jerking overtake you.