You're not a Jedi yet

You're not a Jedi yet

So many guides, so much fail!

It's a rant I keep wanting to bring up, but one I just let fall to the side. Let it rest and carry on. Yet there comes a point when any one true person must speak up and point things out when things just seem wrong. One of which is when the guides and source book “SUPER ULTIMATE ALL KNOWING GUIDE TO:" comes out regarding Jedi. Of course the fan base feeds into it, and creates an overwhelming cloud of utter confusion and skewed, and exceedingly limited view.

Let's face it: Lightsabers sell. The fact that the prequels, as crappy as they were, did so well was largely because people were there for Lightsabers. The problem with this is playing up the idea that Jedi are all super elite commandos. They are not, but on the same hand, they are not pacifist temple dwellers.

Fighting comes when there is no other option, but they will fight and when they do, they are good at it. Yes Bushido was a big influence in it, but remember Bushido is based on Zen philosophy, a good example of who you should emulate as a Jedi would be the Buddhist monks of the Shaolin region.

That brings up my second major rant point. The philosophies, the concepts the understanding of “what a Jedi is” becomes a mess. This seems to come from the simple fact that so many of these guides and such are being written by the west, for the west. The intimate and deep understanding of the eastern philosophy originally intended gets utterly lost.

I can't say it's entirely the writers' ignorance, though that may be part of it. It may also be very much done intentionally to over simplify things for the fan base. Gotta sell more replica Lightsabers after all, right?

My best advice: the guides are one thing, but to really get the deep understanding, take the plunge and study more of the eastern philosophies, understand the noble truths, eight fold paths, understand suffering (not the western concept of that word) touching on that larger mind and the birthplace of the order itself will go a long way into really gaining a complete insight in to what it really is to be a Jedi.