Hobbit Nation

Hobbit Nation

New Zealand needs to get out of the house more often.

Alright, we get it: Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit are a big thing. I'm thrilled, I love them too. I know commercializing is a big thing as well- promotions and all that come with it. The issue is that 'Zealanders may be going just a little too far with it all. By that, I mean utterly insane.

With the success of the LOTR series, New Zealand saw a massive boom to its economy. Fans suddenly started visiting the island nation in numbers that nearly doubled the population. They came to see "Middle Earth" and be part of a long-standing franchise that has crossed multiple generations now.

You can understand why the NZ government would have been THRILLED when native Zealander Peter Jackson was blessed to be able to return to film The Hobbit. Yet now, it seems to be an obsession of the nation. We find the airlines repainting all their planes, offering Hobbit-themed safety videos, complementary slippers, socks and sleep masks Hobbit-themed, a massive Golem stature in the airport and even the local weather being done in Elven. That, in a way, is pretty cool, but as a geek myself, I have to step back and say “woah there NZ!"

Seriously, I'm glad you're stoked, but really, there are other things out there. Why don’t you go outside, look around and get some air? Hey, did you hear they got Patrick and Ian signed on for a “days of future past" X-film? Yeah, lots going on. Again, I GET the excitement, but is that seriously the only thing your nation can brag about? I mean it's better than wool, but it's not the only thing.