Always wanted short hair

Always wanted short hair

But don’t have the right face for it.

Every now and then, I feel the urge to cut my hair. In the past, I have actually given in to the desire to do so. Unfortunately, the end results are usually not in my favor.

For the past eight years, my hair has always been long. And although I do take pride in my long locks, it can be a pain at times. It tangles easily when I run, and every few days my husband would accidentally pull on my hair while tossing and turning in bed.

Girls with short hair have it so easy. They can just roll out of bed, run their fingers through their hair, and they are set to go for the day. When they go running, they don’t need to worry about their hair bouncing all over the place. Basically, they never have to worry about their hair.

Girls with the right face and facial features can look absolutely stunning with short hair. I, on the other hand, look quite childlike with any haircut that is above the shoulders. Plus my face tends to look a bit on the chubby side whenever my hair is at a shorter length.

That and the fact that short hair makes my nose look too big are the reasons for why I have not dared to cut my hair short within the last eight years of my life. Even so, I still get extremely tempted to go at it with a pair of scissors during the hot summer months.